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Brewer’s spent grain dough ball

Made from a blend of wheat flour and light brewers spent grain, the spent grain dough ball is the latest addition to our range of dough balls! A by-product of beer production, spent grain flour not only gives the dough ball a nice amber colour, but also helps to protect the environment! By replacing wheat flour with spent grain flour, we can save on water, farmland and CO2! The spent grain dough ball has many benefits!

Raw product

Raw product

Product information

  • Product sold part-baked frozen
  • Raw product220 g
  • Packaging (Units / box)50
Brewer’s spent grain dough ball

Conditions of use

  • Defrosting


    24 h - 48 h at 4°C
  • Reheating


    15 - 30 min
  • Ventilated oven baking

    Ventilated oven baking

    4-6 min at 250°C - 280°C
  • Deck oven baking

    Deck oven baking

    3-4 min, 320°C to 350°C