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Ateliers du Pain, which was founded in Montans in 2013, has a unique process which includes a high level of hydration and long fermentation, bringing out the delicate flavours in our breads. Products are pre-baked on a stone hearth for a crispy, caramelised crust.

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Production sites
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Montans: Certified since 2019

IFS certification guarantees compliance with the requirements of European distributors in terms of food quality and safety.

Organic farming

Organic farming

Montans: Certified since 2017

In order to meet today's social and environmental challenges, we are committed to the Organic Sector.



Montans: Certified since 2020

The CRC® agricultural chain, which aims at offering an alternative production mode, guarantees 100% French cereals grown in accordance with good agricultural practices, promoting biodiversity.

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Julien Caussade
Julien Caussade Director of Ateliers du Pain
Julien, where does your passion for the baking industry come from?

Since my father and grandfather were both millers, I grew up in this environment. As a child, I remember my father telling me about his workday. When I was about 15, my father went into production, which meant a different kind of expertise and new skills.

After completing my business studies, it was obvious for me to continue in the bread sector. We have worked with my father to set up Ateliers du Pain together and, most importantly, to bring new ideas to the market. This has led to the creation of our Twisted Baguette and Courti Baguette, which are unique with their long fermentation time.