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The secret of our premium breads lies in the attention paid at every stage of production. We give our dough time to develop its flavours naturally in order to achieve a nice honeycomb crumb. Baking on a stone hearth gives the product a rustic appearance and crisp.

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Sandwich bread




Organic farming

Organic farming

Certified since 2017

In order to meet today's social and environmental challenges, we are committed to the Organic Sector.



Certified since 2020

The CRC® agricultural chain, which aims at offering an alternative production mode, guarantees 100% French cereals grown in accordance with good agricultural practices, promoting biodiversity.



Gigean : Certified since 2015

IFS certification guarantees compliance with the requirements of European distributors in terms of food quality and safety.

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Anaïs Frezou
Anaïs Frezou Sales Administration Manager
My name is Anaïs and I've been working at Lubrano for nearly 17 years. I joined the company on a work-study contract and have never left it since!

After completing my BTS (HND) in small and medium business management, I progressed from administrative assistant to sales assistant, and for a few years now I've been a sales administration manager.

Team spirit is a Novepan value, but at Lubrano you could say it is more like one big family?

Exactly, it's like one big family. We all enjoy working together, and in good spirits!

The job of Sales Administration Manager is highly cross-functional, as I work closely with the sales and logistics/production departments to ensure the best customer service. It is therefore essential for us to get along.

And in the South of France, we live outside! Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to get together with colleagues or friends over a barbecue!

Joining Novepan in 2017 was a change, but it now allows me to discuss issues and/or successes with my counterparts from the other sites, and to share some of the warmth of the South with them!