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Grain d'or stands out for its expertise in bread-making, dough balls and creating innovative snacks. Whether you choose raw or pre-baked bread, you know you are choosing quality, with bread made from wheat milled in France.

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Production sites
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Lomme : Certified since 2010

Dunkerque : Certified since 2018

IFS certification guarantees compliance with the requirements of European distributors in terms of food quality and safety.



Lomme : Certified since 2010

Dunkerque : Certified since 2015

The standard ensures we consistently deliver products and services that meet customer, legal and regulatory requirements.

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Grégory Pérez
Grégory Pérez Manager of the Grain d'Or site in Dunkirk
My name is Grégory, and I've been working at the Dunkirk site since January 1992. I've held almost every position in the factory: mixer, line operator, production manager and currently site manager.

What are you most proud of in your work at Grain d'Or?

One of the things I am most proud of today is having developed the site so that all my colleagues feel good about their work.

All the knowledge and skills I've acquired here, in terms of processes, machines, rules and organisation, which I've now mastered perfectly, have enabled me and all my colleagues to grow the snacking business within Novepan. Little by little, investments have been made on the site, the team has evolved... and so have the products.

Starting with just savoury twists, we now have a range of different products, from Fozza to Escargotine and Fougasse.

The site of Dunkirk has evolved, and I'm convinced that this is only the beginning!