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Our CSR Approach

In partnership with our clients, Novepan is committed more than ever to developing products with a unique taste, for the pleasure of consumers, while preserving natural resources and respecting workers.

Jean-Manuel LEVEQUE, Chairman of Novepan

Our Clean Label Charter

Our Clean Label Charter

aims to exclude ingredients deemed undesirable*.

All our raw materials are guaranteed to be:

  • Free from colourings
  • Free from preservatives (with the exception of charcuterie products)
  • Free from flavourings (with the exception of charcuterie products)
  • Free from flavour enhancers
  • Free from GMOs (less than 0,9%)
  • Free from hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated trans fatty acids
  • Without ionisation
  • Free from nanomaterials
  • Without ionisation
  • Free from animal gelatin
  • Free from non-naturally occurring trans fatty acids
  • Free from alcohol-based ingredients (unless it is a product feature)

*Some recipes may contain ingredients of natural origin with a similar functional role to certain additives.

Some CSR actions