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205 Trophée by Raid Ent’Raid 34 association

205 Trophée by Raid Ent’Raid 34 association


In May 2022, NOVEPAN sponsored the Raid Ent'Raid 34 association of an employee of the LUBRANO factory for the 205 TROPHY, a humanitarian car raid exclusively dedicated to the legendary Peugeot 205.

It is not a race but a real orienteering event without any notion of competition. It is a great human and sporting challenge that allows participants to satisfy their thirst for wide open spaces, to go to the end of themselves, to discover Morocco in a different way and to meet its warm populations.

The 205 TROPHY raid is part of a humanitarian action that aims to help people living in particularly difficult conditions (arid climate, poverty, isolation, exclusion ...).





In May 2022 the action of the raid benefited 4 Moroccan schools located in the middle of the desert, between Merzouga and Erfoud through the MJID Foundation (Morocco Youth Initiative Development).  The participants have all brought a material help (school bags, pens and school supplies, new or second-hand laptops, toys...).

Novepan is proud to accompany its employees in humanitarian missions and will continue to support these initiatives.