Together, let's make your Signature product
Together for your catering

Together for your catering

Airlines are faced with many constraints when it comes to in-flight catering. Products must be compact and easy to use, to meet space constraints and limited equipment for in-flight catering. Airlines are also likely to serve all types of meals (breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner) on the same flight.

Novepan wishes to respond to these issues by offering a wide range of snack formats and recipes, adapted to all your needs.

Our product variations can satisfy you at any time of the day. From 90 to 180g, our formats are ideal for young and old. Here are the variations of our 5 ranges today:

  • Crok'moelleux chicken and vegetables
  • Crok'moelleux spicy vegetables
  • Crok'moelleux cheese & courgette
  • Crok'moelleux cheddar

  • Calzone cheddar & courgette
  • Chicken & courgette calzone
  • Calzone curry & cheese

  • Escargotine goat cheese & spinach
  • Escargotine chicken curry
  • Escargotine tomato, courgette & mozzarella
  • Escargotine feta peppers

  • Fozza Tian of vegetables
  • Fozza peppers & grilled courgette
  • Fozza chicken & goat
  • Fozza chicken Massala
  • Fozza Chicken Basquaise
  • Fozza chicken & vegetables

  • Picaccia with cheese
  • Picaccia with peppers
  • Picaccia with chicken, courgette & cheese

This wide range of products will allow you to satisfy the greatest number of consumers on the ground and in the air!

So don't wait any longer and let's create, together, your Signature product.