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The CRC® sector – Controlled Responsible Production

The CRC® sector – Controlled Responsible Production

The CRC® sector – Controlled Responsible Production

Novepan is committed to becoming a member of the CRC® sector. Two of our sites already belong to this sector (Lomme and Gigean).

The CRC® sector in brief

Being committed to doing good signifies the dedication of a whole sector to serve people and nature, involving only cereals that have been grown in France using good farming practices that encourage biodiversity. Created by farmers themselves, the CRC® sector is a guarantee of quality and traceability from the field to your table.

The 4 key commitments of the CRC® sector:

  • French cereal crops
  • Responsible farming, with no post-harvest treatment
  • Farming practices that encourage biodiversity
  • A fair wage for farmers

The features of CRC® certified wheat

  • Storage with fresh air ventilation – No insecticides during storage
  • Products are inspected and traced from the fields through to shipping
  • Cereals are grown using good farming practices that encourage biodiversity

Good for people, good for nature

These are the two pillars that sum up what the sector is committed to. Below are the concrete actions included in the commitments:

Good for people


A network of people who are passionate and dedicated

  • A sector made up of men and women who have chosen to unite their skills and dedication
  • Fair pay for all those working in the sector


Certified French cereal crops that are inspected and traced

  • Cereals of 100% French origin
  • Product Conformity Certification approved by the French Ministry of Agriculture
  • Checks carried out by an independent certifying body
  • Products are traced and inspected throughout the sector


High quality cereals that are good for everyone’s health

  • Health requirements that go beyond regulatory standards
  • An obligation of means and result: a control plan and analysis is drawn up
  • Seeds are selected in accordance with the cultivated land, client requirements and the end products

Good for nature

Respect de la biodiversité


Good practices that encourage biodiversity

  • All products that are toxic for wild animals are banned
  • Developing crop support is encouraged (i.e. natural predators of crop pests, such as ladybirds)
  • Threatened local species are protected
  • All farmers are made aware of good practices and receive training in them
  • Level 2 environmental certification for agricultural holdings is recognised

All inclusive

Specifications that go much further than stated by regulations, with a global environmental vision

  • The use of pesticides is greatly reduced: crops are only treated as a last resort, using rigorously selected products
  • Water quality is monitored by protecting all watering points with a buffer strip
  • Work is carried out on land quality and fertility 
  • Cereals are stored without any treatment after harvesting, under conditions with fresh air ventilation


Accountability throughout the sector

  • Corporate Social Responsibility of the Sector (Responsabilité Sociétale de la Filière - RSF): mindful action for sustainable development throughout the sector, on an ecological, societal and environmental level