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Provencal Herb Ciabatta


The secret of our Ciabatta sandwich baguette lies in its production process. Its high-moisture dough and the use of extra virgin olive oil give it a distinctly soft, honeycomb crumb. With its unique, lightly scented flavour, the Provencal Herb Ciabatta will enhance your range of sandwich baguettes.

Flour made from French wheat

Flour made from French wheat

Part-baked product

Part-baked product

Product information

  • Product sold part-baked frozen
  • Part-baked product140 g
  • Baked product120 g
  • Dimensions20 x 5 cm
  • Packaging (Units / box)40
Provencal Herb Ciabatta

Conditions of use

  • Defrosting


    45 min - 1 h
  • Ventilated oven baking

    Ventilated oven baking

    10-12 min at 180°C