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Olive oil dough ball

The olive oil dough ball is easy to use as it spreads easily, has a certain tolerance over the range of use and retains its traditional appearance throughout.

Raw product

Raw product

Product information

  • Product sold part-baked frozen
  • Raw product160 g
  • Packaging (Units / box)60

Special mention

Available in 160g, 200g, 350g, 560g, 900g

Olive oil dough ball

Conditions of use

  • Defrosting


    24 h - 72 h at 4°C
  • Reheating


    30 - 60 min
  • Ventilated oven baking

    Ventilated oven baking

    4-6 min at 250°C - 280°C
  • Deck oven baking

    Deck oven baking

    3 to 4 min, 320°C to 350°C