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Express quinoa dough ball

With a thawing time of just 2 hours, the pre-rolled and pre-fermented Express quinoa Dough Ball is quick and easy to process, even for inexperienced operators. Additionally, the express quinoa dough ball is made with quinoa flour and seeds from Anjou, in France!

Raw product

Raw product

Product information

  • Product sold part-baked frozen
  • Raw product100 g
  • Packaging (Units / box)55

Special mention

Available in 160g, 180g, 200g, 350g

Express quinoa dough ball

Conditions of use

  • Defrosting


    2 h at 4°C
  • Reheating


    60 min minimum
  • Ventilated oven baking

    Ventilated oven baking

    4-6 min at 250°C - 280°C
  • Deck oven baking

    Deck oven baking

    3 to 4 min, 320°C to 350°C