Together, let's make your Signature product
Novepan, a creator of tailor-made solutions

Novepan, a creator of tailor-made solutions

These days, consumer trends are evolving rapidly and consumers are expressing more and more complex expectations and desires. They are looking to combine pleasure with health, or local with originality. To meet these demands, manufacturers have to adapt and develop innovative products that respect consumers sensibilities. That's why Novepan's primary mission is to offer tailor-made products, created with and for our customers, to reflect their image. They will identify you with your customers while meeting their expectations.

To do this, we design our products so that you can be involved at every stage of the design process, whatever the product.

When it comes to creating your signature bread, we offer 7 ways to customise it, from the choice of flour to the packaging, shape and form.

To create your signature snack, we offer 5 customisation options, from the choice of flour to the packaging (tear-off bag or flowpack) and the product concept.

To create your signature dough, we offer 6 customisation options, from the product concept to the recipe and packaging.

To create your signature organic product, we offer 6 areas of customisation, from the choice of flour to the packaging, recipe and scarification.

All our products come with packaging: bread sachets, windowed tear-open sachets or flowpack packaging for frozen foods, the choice is yours. Labels with regulatory information can also be supplied, for a tailor-made AND turnkey solution.


So don't wait any longer - let's create your signature product together!