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New tool for our carbon footprint

New tool for our carbon footprint

CSR being at the heart of our concerns, we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint.

Traace - Membre de l'Alliance mondialeThanks to the tool and the TRAACE team, we are now able to :
💾 Easily collect all data
🏭 Carry out a Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon assessment for Novepan and each of its sites
📉 Identify ways to reduce emissions

Thanks to TRAACE, we are able to carry out our annual carbon assessment internally and monitor the evolution of our emissions.

Once the carbon assessment has been carried out, the objective is obviously to reduce emissions. Thanks to the trajectory module and the accuracy of the carbon footprint, we have been able to identify initial reduction actions with the possibility of simulating these actions directly in the tool.

"Thanks to this new carbon assessment carried out with TRAACE, we have a clear vision of our emissions and the levers to reduce our footprint on each site. For example, we have been able to see the impact of refrigerant gas leaks on one of the sites as well as the general impact of the size of our purchases. We have also started to challenge our main suppliers to take part in the process. Anne-Laure MEDEVIELLE, QHSE Manager

Together, let's act on our environmental impact.