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Methanisation at Novepan

Methanisation at Novepan

"Novepan, creator of good, natural and responsible products, preserving resources and respecting mankind" is our CSR mission.

CSR being at the heart of our concerns, we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint through various actions.

At Bionatis as well as at Grain D'Or Rouen, methanisation is used to heat communities but also to supply electricity to their network as well as that of ERDF.

However, each site uses different means to produce this energy. One uses waste pasta and bread, while the other uses dirty dough, flour and semolina..

 What is methanisation ?

Methanisation is a phenomenon that allows the recovery of energy (heat, electricity) through the fermentation of organic waste (leftover dough, flour, soiled semolina, etc.) in an anaerobic environment.

Together, let's act on our environmental impact.