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A group dedicated to premium baked goods

As part of their companies’ ongoing efforts to meet the increasing demand from their clients for more authentic and higher-quality baked goods, Jean-Manuel LEVEQUE from NOVEPAN and the CAUSSADE family, the founders of ATELIER DU PAIN 81, have decided to join forces and combine their expertise.

The NOVEPAN Group are more widely known to professionals for their LUBRANO, BIONATIS and GRAIN D’OR GEL brands. They are specialists in premium baked goods, snack food and pizza products (both conventional and organic), with 5 sites located in Gigean (Hérault), Haute-Rivoire (Rhône), Lomme (Nord), Dunkirk (Nord) and Rouen (Seine-Maritime).

ATELIERS DU PAIN 81 are located in Montans (Tarn) and have developed a unique bread-making process using a long fermentation and very high levels of dough hydration for extremely high-quality products with a true artisanal colour. They have seen strong growth since they were founded in 2013. Julien and Vincent CAUSSADE, the sons of the founder Philippe CAUSSADE, will remain deeply involved in the operational side of the new company. The CAUSSADE family are now major shareholders in the NOVEPAN Group, which is currently headed by Jean-Manuel LEVEQUE.


NOVEPAN occupies a specific and unique place in the sector, positioned on the premium baked goods and bakery products market. The Group is renowned for their expertise in the production of custom products for major supermarkets, specialist organic retailers and catering companies both in France and around the world. They dedicate significant resources to long-term innovation, and pride themselves on their responsiveness to their clients.

With 300 employees across 6 production sites around France, NOVEPAN now posts an annual turnover of more than 80 million euros. Each of the Group’s companies is deeply rooted in their local regions and communities, providing a close-knit business community in touch with the needs of their clients and their employees.


“We can’t wait to join the NOVEPAN family and continue our journey, joining our forces and combining our expertise for the benefit of our clients”.

The CAUSSADE family


“It is with immense pleasure that we can welcome the CAUSSADE family into the NOVEPAN Group. This merger was the logical next step for two such complementary companies”.

Jean-Manuel LEVEQUE