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Meet The Team – Julien CAUSSADE

Meet The Team – Julien CAUSSADE

🥖 Julien, where does this passion for baking come from?

With a father and a grandfather who were both millers, I have always been immersed in this field. As a child, I remember my father telling me about his working days. When I was about 15, my father went into production, which required new knowledge and new skills.

When I finished my business studies, it was obvious to me to continue in the bread sector. We worked with my father to set up Ateliers du Pain together and above all to bring about renewal: this was the arrival of Pain Paillasse® and the Courti® baguette, which were already differentiated by their long fermentation.

🥖 A highlight of your career?

The BIO project! Although not quite finished yet, it was a project that required a lot of work. Combining BIO with our original process (i.e. long fermentation and millstone flour) has been very challenging!
First of all, the search for raw materials, we wanted materials that respected our specifications but also products with a history and authenticity, hence the use of an 11th century millstone.
In addition, we have supported our current customers in our approach and diversified our customers nationwide, a growth unprecedented in the history of Ateliers du Pain.

🥖 What are the values of NOVEPAN that you identify with the most?

There are many! A human-sized structure and family spirit, consistency of our skills, to name but a few...
But above all it's the fact that we share the desire to put the product at the heart of our concerns. Both by producing quality breads and snacks, but also by having an offer that adapts to our customers to suit them perfectly and become their signature product!

🥖 A favourite product in the NOVEPAN group?

Ahah I'm a big supporter of Pain Paillasse®! But if I had to choose a product outside of Ateliers du Pain, it would definitely be Escargotine pizza style!