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Discover our world doughballs

Discover our world doughballs

From South America to Europe to the Middle East, Novepan has been inspired by all culinary specialities to offer you a new range of dough pieces.

Beyond the advantages in terms of cost, storage and sales forecasts, our dough pieces will adapt to your concept thanks to an easy and quick implementation.


Embark on our world tour

Head for Mexico with our tortilla dough - 130g dough sold frozen raw: originating from Mexican culture, the tortilla is a cake made from corn flour or wheat flour.

The corn tortilla has been a staple food of the Amerindian populations since ancient times. The wheat tortilla appeared in the 15th century when Europeans arrived in Mexico. Made of wheat or corn, the tortilla is now eaten worldwide in many recipes: burritos, quesadillas, tacos, etc.


Fancy an Italian speciality? Rediscover our pizza dough - 100g to 900g dough pieces sold frozen raw: available in classic dough pieces, they are also available in express format (pre-spread) for quick preparation and defrosting in just 2 hours. These two formats are available in several variations: semolina, olive oil, quinoa, multigrain & spelt and with 25% less salt.


Let's stay in Italy with our focaccia dough - 250g dough sold frozen raw: considered the Italian version of focaccia, focaccia is a soft flat bread with a thin crust. Usually seasoned with olive oil, salt and herbs, focaccia can be served with vegetables, cheeses and meats.

Let's land in India with our naan dough - 115g dough sold frozen raw: commonly eaten in several regions of Central Asia, naan is a disc-shaped bread sheet. Made with wheat flour, it is traditionally cooked in a tandoor or on the hot wall of an oven. You can use it to make traditional recipes such as cheese naan, or you can use it for something more original.


Let's take a little diversions to the Middle East with our pita bread - a 130g doughnut sold frozen raw: pita bread is a flat bread presented in a round shape. Mainly known in Europe as a central element of sandwiches such as Kebabs or Gyros, it is also a bread that accompanies mezzés.


The final destination is Algeria with our Matlouh bread - 250g doughnut sold frozen: this Algerian bread eaten throughout the Maghreb is traditionally made from wheat semolina. It is appreciated for its soft and consistent crumb. Dipped in olive oil or used as a side dish? The choice is yours!