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Discover our country Baguette by Lubrano x Sud de France

Discover our country Baguette by Lubrano x Sud de France

Local: a strong consumer habit

Local is a trend that emerged a few years ago, and has become firmly rooted in consumer habits since the Covid-19 crisis. It is now an essential criterion in the choice of a food product for most consumers, although no official definition yet exists.

In 2022, 80% of consumers say they buy local products, and nearly 4 out of 10 of them say they do so even often. *

The Sud de France brand

The Sud de France brand, created in 2006, identifies products from the Occitanie region. Consuming Sud de France means contributing to the development of the regional economy and helping to improve farmers' incomes by promoting their products, which comply with specific specifications guaranteeing respect for regional know-how. Sud de France products can be found in many sales outlets in the region (supermarkets, specialist shops). It's easy to spot them! They all carry the same distinctive purple logo.

The country baguette by Lubrano

Founded in 1934 by Antoine Lubrano, who started out by opening 2 traditional bakeries in Sète, Lubrano specialises in premium bread baked in a stone hearth oven using a sourdough made fresh every day.

The secret of our premium breads lies in the attention paid to each stage of production. Our new Sud de France-labelled country baguette follows in our footsteps:

  • Blend of wheat and rye flours: harvested and processed locally.
  • Barley malt: adds aromatic roasted notes to the bread.
  • Fermentation: we give our doughs time to develop their flavours naturally.
  • Gentle rolling: ensures the crumb is well-celled and the crust is fine.
  • Baking on a stone hearth: gives the product a rustic appearance and crispness.
  • French production: Occitanie region - local flour.
    *Source: Bascule. Nouvelle tendance 2022: la consommation de produits locaux, April 2022