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Carbon Footprint 2023: Our Commitment to Sustainability

Carbon Footprint 2023: Our Commitment to Sustainability

What is the Bilan Carbone ?

The Bilan Carbone measures the greenhouse gas emissions linked to our activities over the course of a year. It covers the production of raw materials, transport, energy, travel, waste and more.

We measure our impact on the environment in tonnes of CO2 equivalent, which makes it easier to visualise and understand. For example, 1 tonne of CO2 equivalent is equivalent to 3 and a half years' average electricity consumption by a household in France.

We have taken into account various sources of emissions, reflecting our transparency and environmental responsibility.

Our carbon footprint

- Energy (11%): Consumption of gas, electricity and petrol for company vehicles.
- Freight (9%): Transport of goods to and from our production sites.
- Products and services sold (16%): Linked to the handover to our customers and the associated waste.
- Purchases (53.9%): Purchases of raw materials, packaging and other items.
- Transport (<1%): Commuting to and from work.
- Direct non-energy emissions (9%): Refrigerant gas leaks.

Let's work together to reduce our environmental impact.