About us

Quality and traceability

5 specialized production sites

Grain d’Or Gel and Lubrano guarantee their customers, distributors and users that their products are safe and traceable.

Lomme site (near Lille):

Production of uncooked frozen bread and pizza bases (IFS- and BRC-certified)





Grande-Synthe site (near Dunkirk) :

Develops sweet/savoury snacks, puff pastry bases and pizza bases ready for topping (BRC-, IFS-, BIO-, ans Halal-certified)





Petit-Couronne site (near Rouen):

Manufactures frozen pre-stone-cooked breads (BRC- and BIO-certified)




Gigean site (near Montpellier)

Manufactures frozen breads pre-cooked in a stone oven and frozen uncooked breads. (BRC- and BIO-certified)




Haute-Rivoire site (near Lyon)

Manufactures frozen organic breads pre-cooked in a stone oven (IFS- and organic-certified)




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