Sandwich part-backed breads

Faluche – Part-baked

This famous white flat soft bread roll, typical of Northern France, can be enjoyed after being baked for only a few minutes.

CodePrecooked weightCooked weightUni./colis
Also available in raw
30 min
4 min- 180°C

Poppy seeds bagel – Baked

The distinctive flavour of poppy seeds is ideal for boosting your snack product range!

CodeCooked weightUni./colis
Also available with sesame seeds.
45 min
3 à 4min - 180°C

Plain bagel – Baked

A product typical of New York, the bagel is trendy new bread for making delicious snacks.

CodeCooked weightUni./colis
45 min
3 à 5 min -180°C

Rondini – Part-baked

The baked rondini is a soft white, easy-to-garnish round roll. It is the first round panini on the market!

CodePrecooked weightCooked weightUni./colis
30 min
4 min - 180°C

Individual sized rosemary focaccia – Part-baked

The individual sized part-baked focaccia with olive oil is ideal for preparing unique sandwiches, and even toast.

CodeDimensionsPrecooked weightUni./colis
10 à 15min
3 à 4min -180°C

Plain pan bagnat – Part-baked

A bread from Southern France, the Pan Bagnat is an ideal sandwich roll. It can also be sold in packs.

CodeDimensionsPrecooked weightCooked weightUni./colis
New. Also available with red peppers.
5 à 10min à 200°C