Sandwich part-backed breads

Old School Burger (O.S.B) – Part-baked

The Burger Old School bread, inspired by the typical American recipe, is made with noble ingredients. It will allow you to propose an upscale and differentiating burger.

CodePrecooked weightCooked weightUni./colis
30 min
5min - 180°C

Faluche – Part-baked

This famous white flat soft bread roll, typical of Northern France, can be enjoyed after being baked for only a few minutes.

CodePrecooked weightCooked weightUni./colis
Also available in raw
30 min
4 min- 180°C

Poppy seeds bagel – Baked

The distinctive flavour of poppy seeds is ideal for boosting your snack product range!

CodeCooked weightUni./colis
Also available with sesame seeds.
45 min
3 à 4min - 180°C

Plain bagel – Baked

A product typical of New York, the bagel is trendy new bread for making delicious snacks.

CodeCooked weightUni./colis
45 min
3 à 5 min -180°C

Rondini – Part-baked

The baked rondini is a soft white, easy-to-garnish round roll. It is the first round panini on the market!

CodePrecooked weightCooked weightUni./colis
30 min
4 min - 180°C

Individual sized rosemary focaccia – Part-baked

The individual sized part-baked focaccia with olive oil is ideal for preparing unique sandwiches, and even toast.

CodeDimensionsPrecooked weightUni./colis
10 à 15min
3 à 4min -180°C

Plain pan bagnat – Part-baked

A bread from Southern France, the Pan Bagnat is an ideal sandwich roll. It can also be sold in packs.

CodeDimensionsPrecooked weightCooked weightUni./colis
New. Also available with red peppers.
5 à 10min à 200°C