Together for your signature Snack

To make your snacking products look like your brand, there is only one way: create your custom snacking!

We therefore offer you to customize the 4 main elements of your snack: product concept, topping, dough type, and packaging.


Product concept

Concept product snackingWe have created recipes that meet all your needs:

The Fozza: the perfect meeting of the generosity of the pizza and the gourmet focaccia dough.

The small Crok’moelleux: a soft bread flavoured with olive oil, stuffed and garnished with delicious vegetables.

Fougasse: On a fougasse base, we offer several gourmet recipes to customize according to your will to offer your customers a moment of conviviality.

Individual Pizza: It is the single serving of the dish that achieve unanimty! A “must have” in your snacking range to offer a fast and convenient meal.

Focaccia: A delicious dough with olive oil, natural or flavoured. It is ideal to go with a meal and share a moment of conviviality.



Topping :Recipe

From a snacking base, the flavors can then vary completely depending on the topping you choose.

Choose to create a recipe adapted to your customers’ tastes and needs. Gourmet recipes, with or without vegetables, with meat or vegetarians, and choose cheeses most in tune with the rest of your topping.





Dough type: 

Whatever the product concept you choose, we can offer you to choose another dough type: pizza dough, focaccia dough, fougasse or puff pastry. So decide whether you want a soft, gourmet pastry with a drizzle of olive oil, or a crispy one.





PackagingFlaw pack bag

Finally, we offer you the right packaging for your signature snack.
The Flow pack, oven safe, is anti-grease treated, and allows you to avoid the packing step before shelving.

Choose cuttable pack to offer your customer a take away meal



At NOVEPAN, we follow your commitments, which is why we offer you to choose to use organic and Halal certified products.