Together, for your Signature bread

For your bakery products to reflects your brand, there is only one way: create your custom bread!

We therefore offer you to customize the 6 main elements of the bread: flour, recipe, dimensions and weight, slicing, shaping ends, and packaging.


The Flour :

flour bag

Select the cereal that will be the base of your flour, and affirm the taste of your bread. For a sweet and consensual taste that will please everyone, choose wheat flour. To show a stronger personnality choose rye, spelt…

Choose also the type of flour that you want, a T45 flour, thinner, for light bread, or richer in ash for a wholemeal bread with personnality.




The recipe : Recipe

Select the ferments of your bread. The yeast will give you a regular crumb, ideal for toast bread. The leaven, on the other hand, will offer you a rustic effect, with a more irregular honeycombed crumb, and will allow above all a better preservation of your breads.
Then customize your bread by adding cereals: inside the dough or only on the outside. You can also enjoy the simple outside flouring of the baguette, which brings a golden effect and a traditional appearance.



Weight and dimensions :

squales bread

In the way that a complete range also depends on the multiplicity of dimensions, we offer you all the recipes in different sizes and weights to match your needs.






The Slicing : 

Choose the number of scarifications that you want. In addition to the aesthetics they bring to your bread, they impact the volume of the bread after cooking.




Shaping Ends :

shaping end bread

For bread, and especially baguettes, tastes are not the same, and the ends are very important. That is why NOVEPAN offer to shape your ends in square, round or bevel.






Packaging : Flow pack bag

Finally, we offer to provide you with the appropriate packaging for your signature bread. It can be customized to your company’s colours to ensure better visibility.




At NOVEPAN, we follow your commitments, this is why we offer you to choose using organic and even Halal certified products.