Together, for your Signature Pizza

To make your pizza dough look like your brand, there is only one way: create your custom dough!

We therefore offer you to customize the 6 main elements of the pizza dough: the product concept, the recipe, the dimensions, the limitation to the application, the flour, and the packaging.


Product concept :

Pizza discs - Pizza dough balls - Express dough ball

Novepan offers you tailor made products to your needs.The frozen pizza dough ball is easy to stretch, and ensures a constant quality, while offering a handcrafted finish.

If you need a great reactivity, we offer you the express dough ball, this product defrost in 2 hours, and is so suitable for use within the day.Moreover, its pre-rolled allows the preparation of the dough ball by any operator, even not trained ones.

If you do not have suitable equipment or qualified staff, we offer you raw and part baked pizza discs and sheets that are only waiting to be filled.



Recipe : Recipe

For your recipe, tell us which taste you are looking for, and we will advise you. Would you like a crispy crust? The semolina dough ball will bring the crunch you are looking for. Do you want a recipe with a strong personnality? Let us advise you which spices will fit the best with your recipes.

Whatever you wish, we will adapt our recipes to best suit your needs.



Flour :

Flour bagNovepan is sourcing different product to offer you conventional flours as well as organic flours. Thus, we follow you in your commitments and your widening of range.






Limitations to the application : limitation to the application

We take into account your technical constraints: for example we take into account the type of oven you use, the stretch method you use and the level of qualification of your teams, to offer you the best product for your company.



Dimensions :

Squales dimensionTo guarantee you an offer that meets the needs of your different types of customers, all our product concepts are available in different sizes, and therefore allow you to make pizzas of different diameters, even squares for sheet bases.






Packaging : Flaw pack bag

To finish, we offer to provide you the appropriate packaging for your signature pizza dough. It can be customized to your company’s colours to ensure better visibility.



To learn more about our products, see our pizza range or contact us to step forward and create your own pizza