The merging of NOVEPAN and BIONATIS

An alliance working for choice bakery products

With a common goal of accelerating growth, the leaders of NOVEPAN, Jean-Manuel LEVEQUE, and BIONATIS, Jean-Marc AMBROISY and Thierry DELBOSCO, decided to join their forces to achieve growth.

The two companies are experts in their field: Novepan in bakery, snack and pizza products, and BIONATIS in 100% organic bread making.

NOVEPAN, known by professionals under its brands GRAIN D’OR GEL and LUBRANO is located on 4 sites: Gigean (34), Lomme (59), Dunkerque (59) and Rouen (76).
BIONATIS, is based in Haute-Rivoire (69) since 2001.


The new unit, positioned on the premium, and the tailor-made products,  welcomes the two founders of BIONATIS as shareholders. It now count 250 employees spread over 5 industrial sites throughout France.
NOVEPAN and BIONATIS now have a unique and specific know-how in the manufacture of custom-made products for large retailers, organic specialty stores, out-of-home catering, and airline catering, in France and abroad.


“Considering our know-how and our positioning, this alliance just happened naturally”



“Our merging allows us to better meet the consumer-specific demands for healthy and natural products from managed farm-to-table networks.”



“The two companies are incredibly complementary, allowing us to pursue development in growth sectors advocating sustainable agriculture, organic foodstuffs and traditionally select products, where we can offer unique and sustainable solutions.”


Jean-Manuel LEVEQUE