The CRC® value chain – Controlled, sustainable and Responsible Crops

The CRC® value chain – Committed to the good.

Two of Novepan’s sites (Lomme and Gigean) just joined the CRC® value chain.


The CRC® value chain in a nutshell

Committing to the good means being passionate about Humans and Nature. That is why we grow 100% of our cereals in France and follow agricultural practices that respect biodiversity. Designed and developed by farmers, the CRC® value chain ensures quality and traceability from field to plate.

Wheat crops CRC

The 4 key commitments of the CRC® value chain:

• French Cereals
• Sustainable agriculture, without post-harvest treatment
• Biodiversity-friendly agricultural practices
• Fair compensation for farmers


Certified Features of the CRC® wheat:

  • “Stockage sous ventilation à l’air naturel – Absence d’insecticide de stockage”
    • Storage with natural air ventilation – No insecticide during storage
  • “Produits suivis et contrôlés depuis les lots de parcelles jusqu’à l’expédition”
    • Products tracked and controlled from plots to shipping
  • “Céréales cultivées selon de bonnes pratiques agricoles favorables à la Biodiversité”
    • Cereals cultivated according to good agricultural practices that respect biodiversity


Good for Humans, Good for Nature

The CRC® organization is based on two different pillars: being committed to Humans and to Nature.

Good for Humans


A humane, passionate and committed value chain
• Women and men who chose to combine their skills and passions
• Fair remuneration for all stakeholders



French, certified, controlled and traced cereals
• Cereals 100% from France
• Certified by the French Ministry of Agriculture
• Controls by an independent certifying body
• Traceability of products monitored and controlled throughout the value chain



High quality cereals, good for everyone
• Sanitary requirements beyond regulation
• An obligation of means and results thanks to strict analysis and controls
• Seeds are selected with respect to soils, customer needs and final baked products


Good for Nature

Biodiversity-friendly agricultural practices


Good agricultural practices for biodiversity
– All harmful products to fauna are banned
– We help the development of “crop aids” – i.e., natural enemies of crop pests such as ladybugs
– Our practices protect local endangered species
– We raise awareness and train CRC® farmers
– We are recognized Level 2 of the Environmental Farms Certification (HVE)


A holistic approach

– Very strong limitation of pesticide use: treatment as a last resort, with strictly selected products
– Water quality guaranteed by grassy strips protecting all water points
– Work on soil quality and fertility
– Cereals stored without any treatment after harvest, under natural air ventilation



Taking responsibility along the entire value chain
– Social Responsibility of the value chain: sustainable actions are implemented across the entire value chain.