Snacking d’Or 2016 !


The Fozza®, the fruit of combining the popular pizza with the traditional Italian focaccia, is available in several different recipes.

This snack product is pre-cooked and frozen to make sure it can be prepared quickly and easily in only a few minutes at the point of sale. It stands out thanks to its generous appearance and authentic origins.








The Fozza® has been a hit with consumers and won the Snacking d’Or 2016 trophy (as the product receiving the largest number of votes from over 28,000 people voting) the first time it was entered in competition!





Cooking time 4 min at 180 °C, use-by period 12 months (-18 °C) 

180g format, 24-piece box

Sold with sachets and ingredients labels (Photo opposite)







Fozza Poulet & Chèvre affiné

Fozza Poivrons & Chorizo

Fozza Crème fraîche & Lardons